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AFD Facility Planning is pleased to offer an array of strategic facility planning services.

Strategic Planning Where will your organization be in 3, 5 or 10 years? How much space will you need? Will your current facilities meet your future requirements for technology?  Will your space meet the growing challenge of your organization’s aggressive goals? Strategic planning is a process that focuses on the ‘what ifs’ for the future that ensures that the facility will respond to any future challenges.

Macro and Micro Programming A department is expanding, the office is considering relocation, or a space needs to be redesigned for better flow.  Before you design the space it is critical to first understand how much space is required. An architectural program collects date from senior management and end users to help build a model of how much space is truly required.  A Macro program looks at an organization from 30,000 feet up – the big picture and often occurs in early stages of planning. A Micro program gets into the finer details and occurs once a concept for the project has been approved.


Space Standards DevelopmentSpace and furniture is often perceived as a status symbol. How does your organization decided who gets an office or workstation or higher end case good furniture?  Inconsistent policies and standards increases churn (the frequency that you move people around), furniture costs (volume discounts), and mismatched furniture inventory, can creates confusion and resentment among employees. Standards that match the culture of the organization create order out of chaos and save money.

Dashboards, Key Performance Indicator, Metrics and Benchmarking How is your Facility Management team performing? Have you cut costs without skimping on service? Have you negotiated better contracts? Do you have employees that really shine?  Measuring your success and areas that you need to improve upon are all part of enhancing performance and creating value. Metrics might be in the form of surveys or questionnaires or consistently tracking and monitoring data.  And this data can be reported in the form of simple Dashboard Document reports that can easily be shared with senior management to let them know the achievements and ROI of the facilities department. Services include Key Performance indicator (KPI) development and implementation, data collection and tracking tools, analysis, benchmarking, facility reporting and presentations.

Occupancy Planning & Analysis - How do you know if your workspace is efficient? If the furniture and ‘work places’ support your employees and their ability to be productive? How do you plan for optimal occupancy? Using research methodologies (observations, surveys, and questionnaires, focus groups) to get at the heart of what works in your organization.


Move ManagementThe design is complete, the workstations purchased, the move date is fast approaching, who will manage the actual move? Who will coordinate telecom, IT, the movers and make sure the department is packed, and even have a “welcome package” on their new desk?

RFP DevelopmentWhen it is time to consider selecting an architect or designer for your project, writing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and identifying what firms you should send the request to can be a daunting task particularly if you have not done it before.  There is an art (and science) to writing an RFP that ensures you get qualified proposals that truly meet your criteria.


Post Occupancy Evaluations/Satisfaction SurveysWhen the relocation is finished how do you know if the project was successful?  A Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is one methodology that allows you to gather data regarding the satisfaction of your customer’s with their new space (workstation comfort, tech support, ergonomic issues etc.). Customer surveys can also be developed for maintenance work, help desk support, custodial staff etc.  Once collected, survey data can be presented to senior management to showcases successes as well as data that identifies areas that need to be improved.